Thursday, March 22, 2007

2007 Goals Evaluation...

I currently weigh 295lbs (I will get official results tomorrow, when I go to the fat doctor and stand on the freight scale). Thats down 65 lbs with 45lbs to go by September. This feels good.

I have not been exercising. I have not been going to bed by midnight. I have been eating breakfast everyday. I have not taken any more steps towards education in these areas, however, doing that now would not help my health because my time is already too stretched. I have avoided caloried drinks and sodas. I have not been able to resist the occasional late night plate of nachos. The wife has joined me in my efforts and she is doing very well.

Despite my few successes and feeling like I'm on track, I give myself an unimpressive 50% success in my progress.

I just finished God Sex by Rob Bell and I think that's the fifth or sixth book I've finished this year. I have joined the book club and I'm developing relationships with some of the best people God ever created. I have made time to read Blogs and Websites I find helpful and interesting as well as renewing or begining at least 5 subscriptions to periodicals. The local youth pastors have not met yet this year for our monthy breakfast, but I have been in contact with all of them. I've also stayed connected with in my fellowship and will be attending a "cluster" meeting next week. I have fairly faithfully kept my blog up to date and I'm doing research on a contextualization piece I hope to submit to some "user submitted sites". My bible reading flucuates. I think I actually have some catching up to do right now.

Who needs a Masters Program when there's so many books out there? I give myself a 92% success in my progress.

Taking time to pray? Hang'n out with Jesus? Walking? No, not really. Not like I should. Students First? Things are good, but I can't say they're first. No time to waste. That's good. Staying out of trouble, holding every thought captive. Had some great meetings in regards to future plans, but no real concrete efforts or preperations. Hope to read some specific books and attend some specific conferences. Debt... has unfortunately increased a little. I don't feel like a lavish spender. Thinking about taking drastic measures like cancelling Netflix and abstaining from diet soda. Really looking for a means to generate resources that does not involve "pre paid legal services". Have enjoyed some special times with each of my kids, but have not scheduled time for them or my wife like I should. I'm not sure what to do different but I know I have to do better. Outside of a few dart games and lots of prayer, don't think I've done much to help my bro. I'm still concerned about his health, and I'm very proud of him for keeping his job and taking care of his bills. Having a hard time not being discouraged in these areas.

With a little bit of embarassment, I give myself a generous 35% success in my progress in these areas.

Overall... 59%... ouch. Even after going to the "Get Motivated" Seminar. Although, acheiving 59% success when the year is only 25% over keeps things in perspective. I'll Re-evaluate in June. I'm feeling like I need to make more time for people, especially the important ones.

Right now I find tremendous hope in God's Grace. And the fact that I know that I know that I know that these people love me. Glad there's still alot of '07 left.

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prodigal pastor notes said...

Some eat to stay live...others live to eat. I used to live to eat, but, chronic disease 9hypertension and diabetes) has brought me to my knees and made me realize that I had to turn my life aorund (repent) and eat to live.

You're on the right track don't be too harsh on yourself, you are doing well with your "battle of the bulge".

Love Ya Brother,

Pastor Paul