Thursday, June 18, 2009

When it Rains...

The last week has been pretty crazy around our house. Last Friday, Abi went to urgent care to be treated for what we thought must be a bug bite. Urgent care sent us the the ER where they told us she had a staph infection and would need to be admitted. She was released Sunday. I wish I could say everything else has been roses, but I can't. We continue to have several financial challenges (the bill for the hospital, just our co-payment and co-insurance, was $750), not including buying prescriptions and meals and gas back and forth to the hospital. Sunday morning I must have been distracted, trying to get two kids to church and be ready with out my beautiful wife... I hit a pole at storage and created some custom body work for the front bumper of our van. We woke up Wednesday morning to ants in our bed and no water at our house. It's been challenging. Yes.

Despite these challenges we press on. Lots of good things are happening at church. We have a team of 14 from Minnesota helping us with our outreach activities this week. We are going to have a great neighborhood party this Saturday...sno cones, bouncers, ponies. Yes, I said Ponies! We handed out a ton of cold water yesterday and have more waiting to be handed out tonight. I am also very excited for the oppurtunity to be speaking at the FCA youth camp this summer. Just wish I could focus on these things and not be so distracted by all the other junk. God is good, and we will press on.

Ryan Underwood, youth pastor at DGT is blogging his teams activitys and you could also follow him on twitter.

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