Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Spoon's Kitchen

As a family we have been watching Chef Ramsay's "Hell's Kitchen". Tonight while preparing for dinner I told the children I needed some cooks to help me just like on the TV show. We made a fabulous dinner that actually resembeled breakfast; Eggs, Potatoes, Waffles, and Sausage. I was shouting orders around the kitchen... "Open this package of Sausage" "Put these waffles in the Oven" and the children were responding "YES CHEF!" It was really fun till I callled one of them a donkey and they started shouting "BEEP! BEEP! %$#@^&? BEEP!" Ok that last part is not true. I understand the launguage on this show is not really kid approriate, but tonight was a lot of fun. Excellent service team.

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