Thursday, May 21, 2009

8th Grade Promotion... AZ style.

After being a youth pastor for one decade... I've been to my fair share of Middle School promotions. Today I went to my first in Arizona. Some Observations about where I live:

There were only 60 students being promoted. This allowed for the ceremony to be inside... out of the elements, and there was plenty of space for friends and family.

It's not even memorial day... and school is out. While the rest of the country does Dads and Grads. It's going to take me a while to get used to Moms and Grads.

It was at an elementary school. This was the first 8th grade promotion at one of the oldest schools in Maricopa county. They are actually moving away from the middle school model in favor of a k-8 model. This is still a very interesting discussion to me.

Where were the white people? While I understand and appreciate the racial diversity of my neighborhood and long for the day when I don't notice skin color, today I did. Out of the 60 students, three were white. Today I have been pondering what cultural implications this must have as a young church plant trying to serve the community.

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