Wednesday, April 22, 2009


As I reflect on some of the big changes the last couple years have brought... mainly moving to arizona and planting a new church... its amazing to me many of the small things that have also changed.

1. I am into geek games. I have my own collection of MTG cards and I spent Easter playing "Settlers". I sometimes play scrablle on facebook, and I haven't played a console video game in months. The one exception is playing super mario 3 with Isaac on the wii. I've also been known to spent my time waiting in lines playing Peggle on my phone.

2. While I still need to get to the gym, I've become a bit of a sports fan. I subscribe to MLB game day audio and sometimes listen to more than one game a day. I am a fan of the AZ cardinals. I am playing fantasy baseball... and doing well. I even listen to sports talk radio and enjoy it way more than KFI or any of it's cousins. Believe it or not, I even went to a NASCAR race on saturday. Part of this is just living in Phoenix where there is a major sporting event everyday.

3. What happened to blogging? I'm not sure why I have not been writing as much. Feeling the pressure of being a bi-vocational pastor and writing weekly sermons for grown ups has certainly absorbed some of that energy. Also joining f-book has fed by self sastifying desire to be in the spotlight and get instant feedback from others.

What things have changed recently in your life?

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