Friday, February 6, 2009


For a long time I've desired to have a job that would make enough money in a small amount of time so I could be generous with others and spend alot of time doing ministry. More and more I am seeing that ministry happens everywhere, even at work. Recent events have caused me to seek additional employment at a local Hotel. I get paid to serve others. It's every ministers dream! Maybe not. Seriously though,it has opened new doors. I have met other pastors from around the globe, and had the priveledge of connected with them. At least two days a week I spend most of the day in 3-5 minute divine appointments, and I get paid to do it. On occassion it's pretty slow and then I get paid to study. And I now get great hotel rates. I am so glad that God never does things the way I would. I am thankful for the mystery and excited about the adventure.

What burdens do you carry that might also be blessings?


Carla said...

Wait, so that makes three jobs?

Topherspoon said...

Yeah. Does anyone else remember that old sketch..."Whats wrong with you man? /you only have three jobs!/ are you LAZY!?"

I actually feel a bit selfish. Like maybe I'm taking from others. I have more than my fair share.

I Would love to have one full time professional job to supplement the church planting adventure... it's just not where we are at.

Our current circumstance is temporary. And for the most part it is working. I'm thankful for all three of my jobs!

Anonymous said...

Congrats, and PTL for the financial resources that He has made available to you and your family through three different sources at any one time.

Actually, my first church in Napa, had me working 4 jobs to make ends meet. I was a substitute teacher; the football and basketball coach at a local Christian Jr. High; an adult basketball league ref; and pastor of a small church.

Like you said, it gave me opportunities to become more visible in the community, and it kept food on the table. All of these were of the Lord, there was never any doubt to that; but, like you, I questioned my calling to Napa. I expected the church to be my end-all in the financial game of my new career after graduating from Azusa Pacific in 1973.

The Lord is blessing you brother, and I am confident that you will look back one day, and see how His hand was guiding you this maze that will eventually lead you to the place of success.

Love You Brother,

Pastor Paul