Tuesday, December 9, 2008

From Julie Clawson's blog...

"The desert is a hard place - barren, empty. A place not of joy and assurance, but of desolation and doubt. It is where one goes to wrestle with God - really struggle with the hard questions that honestly have no answers."

I've been dealing with the idea of exodus. You know... God leading us out of one thing... into a better thing... but letting us wander in the wilderness in between? Does this happen because we lack faith (like the unrighteous spies of Isreal) or because we are led by the Spirit (like Jesus before his tempting)? Regardless, we know he is with us. He is our friend. Our perfect daddy. Our saviour, creator, and Lord. We will praise him in the desert... in the storm... and in the green pastures.

There are awesome sunsets in the desert... took this on my phone, from my drive way. Doesn't quite do it justice.

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