Wednesday, November 19, 2008


I grew up in a church that would never call itself liturgical. But there were certain things we did every week and certain things we did every year. It was a rarity that anything would interupt a "liturgy" like the carols and candles service or the Christmas Cantata or the Thanksgiving bag outreach, or the annual car show. there was just certain things we did. We never celebrated Advent, at least not with that name. We never lit candles or had colors besides red and green inside the church at Christmas time ( There was an exception. One year we did blue and white.)

As a young church planter I have gone back and forth on making this ancient-future expression of faith a meaningful part of our new church liturgy. We are going to give it try. Typically, about the time I think I'm stepping outside the box and being really progressive I find out I'm only doing what everybody else is.

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