Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Mr. Taxi Driver

Carpooled to and from work.

My plane was the only one to leave on time.

Trained a new Tug driver.

Realized my support check is late...again.

Took the boy to School.

Crashed - took a good nap.

Church Stuff. Craigslist. Money.

Made the Girls lunch.

Read through research material.

Lunch with wife.

Took wife to school.

Water for the van.

$2.95 a gallon fuel for the van.

Red Bull for the Driver.

Bank of America, followed by the Post Office.

Picked boy up from school.

Snacks for everybody.

Helped my neighbor.

Played Alchemy.

Picked up the wife from school.

Got the mail.

Felt finished.

Looked through job classifieds.

Made personal follow up calls.

Had a late dinner.

I'm playing Scrabble on facebook before I go to bed.

Maybe I'll watch HEROS.

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