Monday, July 7, 2008

People I am praying for...

I feel emotionally spent. I feel invested in these people I do not know. How do you grow a church? Everyone I know... goes to my church or has a reason they don't. I'm looking for strangers interested in being part of a baby church. I've resorted to putting invitation cards on all my neighbors doors, only to find out one of them is friends with someone from our church. Two people actually. One's who just visited but came back after getting a hand written post card. I feel like the amway guy who is always "on". And yet I long for the Holy Spirit's direction, peace, and purpose. I gave an invitation to the kid at the drive thru window, only to find out his mom works with someone from our church. Wierd. At the same restaurant there was a guy named Theo. One of the first people I met here on a house hunting visit way back in January. He took his break with us and told us about the neighborhhod. He also told me his story and why he hadn't been to church in years. I told Theo's story across the country. I prayed for him regularly and was hopeful he may be part of our launch team. When I moved here I never saw him, folks told me he didn't work there anymore. Today I went in the restaurant hoping for a divine appointment with the drive-thru kid... only to find out I just missed him. But Theo was there... and we picked up where we left off. He said he'd come visit. I know where he works. I guess fast food ministry is probably the wrong approach in regards to losing weight, but today I'm thankful. I'm thankful for many persistent reminders that God is in control, and this is His Spirit's business.


Anonymous said...

Growing a church seems to be more difficult than you had thought. This is expected Brother. It takes time to make something good happen, but, it will happen.

There was something that we did when we were growing a new church in Rubidoux. We held a "free" carwash [had an offering bucket, but, it was a free carwash]. It really worked. We held in front of the church, and we had more than a dosen new people the next day.

Than we started holding parking lot concerts [again in front of the church], local groups, praise choruses, etc.. These really pulled in the people who were driving down Mission Blvd. This netted us another dozen new families.

What I'm saying is; don't give up [which I know you won't]. Find some unique ways to get your church out in the front of the community, and I know you will reap a harvest.

If there is anything Shelly and I can do to help [money is not possible, so don't ask for a million], don't hesitate to ask!

Love you and the family,

Pastor Paul

Anonymous said...


This is tspoon. I gave my phone a wash and won't have another phone til tomorrow. What's yrs/dad's phone number? Send me an email or a facebook message.