Friday, July 11, 2008

Books I've Read or am Reading

Despite a pretty busy and stressed out schedule. I've managed to do pretty good on my reading latey. I also read Vindicated, by Jose Canseco (which wierdly enough also has a red cover). I've been doing some periodical bathroom reading from TIME, Relevant, SPIN, the West Valley View, LEADERSHIP, and Ministry Today.

I can highly recomend all of the above books. Shane Clairborne's book is beautiful. Thanks largely to my friends Ryan and Holly. It really challenges some ideas like "just war" theory and was quite the follow up for Jim Wallis's Great Awakening. (I know the authors are friends and I happened to read Wallis right before Clairborne). Clairborn does an excellenet job of using the entire biblical narrative to illustrate the different way of Jesus and how that way may influence our politics and way of life.
Prothero's work is very interesting and I think everyone should take his Religous literacy quiz. I at least passed and actually probably would have got an "A" if it was graded on a curve. I'm just not too good with the Hindu stuff and I'm always confusing my sacrements. I wish I would have read "the Last Word..." before I jumped into McLaren's "Everything Must Change". Both cross some theological lines I am not confortable crossing but I do appreciate the conversation that is happening and I really enjoy the narrative eavesdropping approach found in McLaren's Triology. Lastly I'm reading Boundaries as something we will use at church. I'm having a hard time being critical of my own boundaries (and lack of them) while at the same time maintaining a "whatever it takes" approach to church planting.

What's up with the red / orange covers? I'm not sure. What are you reading? Anything interesting?

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Sam Snyder said...

I got an 84 on the test...I should've studied :-)
I'm reading: The Making of a Leader by Frank Damazio and Human Resource Management by Ferris, Buckley, and Fedor. I just finished reading Contemporary Issues in Leadership by Rosenbach and Taylor. I would definitely say that the HRM book is the hardest read of them all. So far it looks like I'm liking the Making of a Leader the best. I gotta finish it first to know for sure.