Sunday, June 1, 2008

Too Fat for Wii Fit

Everyday as a church planter has been mixed with rich celebrations and massive disappointments. This week was especially rough. I yelled at my boss, an employee, and one of my peers. We adopted a cat (reluctantly for me, but not necessarily we). The transmission went out on my van. My teeth hurt. And lastly, I'm too fat to play wii fit, glad I didn't shell out the bucks for that one.

We had a fantastic day in church today. It's hard to be discouraged. Two new people came. Two different couples volunteered to take over the hospitality table. We celebrated communion. The tech guy was back, and came an hour earlier than usual to allow his truck to replace said broken van. Oh yeah, my kids (the oldest being a five year old) are learning the books of the Bible. Totally unrelated to church.. the boy bowled a 167 on wii bowling.

I'm loving the adventure. There's a line in Over the Hedge when the porcupine says something like "Hey Vern, the grass seems to be a few shades greener over here". While I sometimes see nice church buildings, big budgets, and congregations in the hundreds or thousands, and to be honest have to fight envy, I am so thrilled to be on the "cutting edge". To have the privilege of feeding the formerly homeless, of helping single moms move, and of preaching the truth of scripture each week, I am eternally grateful. I wouldn't trade it if I had the chance.

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