Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Going Green...Take two

The adventure in using less continued this morning. Here is what my morning looked like...

6:30 AM Hourly employee offers for me to ride with him and another employee. He says I'm on his way.

7:00 AM Clock out and meet up with other two employees

7:05 AM Realize the second employee lives way north (out of our way), and the car is a little chevy corrsica with no a/c.

7:25 AM Drop off first person, and head back towards my house

7:36 AM Front tire blows, making car hard to control and sending us to the very narrow shoulder. Get out and replace tire while large trucks and other vechicles cruise by much closer than I like.

7:47 AM Back on the road again, heading towards my house.

8:10 AM Walk through my front door at a reasonable time, having consumed less, and shared life with others in a my community.


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