Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Looking for Work Sucks

I have neither been offered a job, figured out how to live on half a salary, or recieved that next divine financial blessing. I'm starting to get a little stressed. On Monday I did a pre-interview (What is that anyway?) with a HR Rep from Brown (UPS) and Tuesday night I went to the worst job interview ever at a transportation company I'd rather not name (their initials are ABX and they are the main US contractor for a company who's initials are DHL). Forgive the use of initials but I'd rather keep my prospective employers at least partially confidential.

I feel like UPS is stalling and leading me on. Meanwhile I panic every time one of my kids hits their head or starts coughing. I become anxious when the van makes a funny noise or some weird indicator light comes on. It's got to get better soon.

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