Saturday, January 5, 2008


"An adventure is, by its nature, a thing that comes to us. It is a thing that chooses us, not a thing we choose."
-G. K. Chesterton

I dated my wife seven years before we got married. It took me four years to get my Associates degree; and another four to finish my Bachelors. I have been wrestling with this church planting calling for years. Right now everything seems to be happening so fast. I am feeling totally unready and unqualified.

I was encouraged this morning to be looking in the scriptures and reading about Jesus calling his disciples. It says they left "at once". WOW! The severity of that staement blows me away. They didn't say "Wait I need to finish reading Moore". They didn't say "Hold on I'm going to raise $60,000 for the Hallelujah Package". They didn't say "Let's have a bible study for two years first". They jusy obediently stepped out in faith and went with Jesus. May I become more like these New Testament fisherman. May I demonstrate to my heavenly Father the quick obedience I demand of my kids. May I never miss the divine adventure because I'm chasing after what's comfortable.


rev rock said...

good word my friend.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for caring enough to ask about me yesterday. You are a true brother, and I will miss you bunches when you leave. Our loss is the Coldwater Church gain.