Monday, December 31, 2007

Supposed to look like Puke?

The announcement yesterday went really well, and I feel like for the most part it was presented very well. As expected, there was lots of tears. None of our students told me they hate us, but some of them were intentionally avoiding me so I didn't see them cry. This made the wife feel like maybe they don't care. It was an emotionally weird day but also an exciting next step in the process. During our Sunday night "end of the year" service, one young freshman gentleman came up to me during the service. Please realise this young man is a lot like "Mr. ED", he only speaks if he has something to say. I can count our meaningful conversations on my fingers; "My dog died", "We're moving", "I'm going to Australia for the summer". This student has an amazing ability to drop an emotional bomb on you in three words. Anyway he comes to me during church and interrupts me to question the media shout presentation..."Is the background supposed to look like puke?" No. No it's not. Part of me will always be a Middle School Youth worker. It was a great way to end a weird day.

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