Saturday, December 22, 2007

Good Week...not too many tears

My brother is here. Tim is one of my favorite people on the entire planet. Throwing darts, snack'n on chips and salsa, and shooting pool are a few of my favorite things to do with him. This week we actually played backgammon and chess. It is so cool to hear my kids screamin "Uncle Tim, Uncle Tim!" I'm not sure how he feels about the chaos that is our house, but I am so thankful for the extraordinary effort he makes each year to come to California.

I had breakfast with Journeyman. Over two hours of some of the most refreshing listening and sharing I've done in a long time. The coffee was good and so was the stuffed french toast. I love being with passionate people. I asked a question like... "Hey, What's up with Riverside..." and watched his face light up and whole countenance come alive. Very valuable stuff as I consider ministry in a formally rural area that's currently very suburban but trying very hard to become increasingly urban (not Riverside but similair in some ways). "Quintessential example of a post modern urban center"... I think those were his exact words. Good times.

I had a great meeting with my sp. Very Positive. Several at-a-boys. Good advice. Hope for tomorrow. More Good stuff.

I had four meetings with students this week. Tuesday night Christmas party. Campus ministry at the middle school on Wednesday. Main youth meeting on Wednesday night. Annual mall shopping trip on Friday. I had many chances to think about my own strengths and weaknesses in youth ministry. I also had many chances just to enjoy serving some of the finest young people on the planet.

You can see why there's been few updates. Big announcements are happening over the next eight days, and my emotions are out of control everyday. Look for a major summary a week from now. I can't believe this is really happening. I have no reference points for swimming through this. It feels good, but I'm scared.

Do I really have to navigate Christmas in the middle of all this? HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Jesus is LORD! Ho Ho Ho. For some reason I feel a little like the Santa in "A Christmas Story". HO HO HO, MERRY CHRISTMAS! Saying the words, but stepping on a kids face with my boot. Seriously, Merry Christmas.

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