Sunday, December 2, 2007

December Sabbath

My boy turned five yesterday. I got up early to find his present. Had breakfast with a great group of guys from our church. Decided on the Animal Planet Farm playset at Toys R Us. Came home and cleaned house with the family. Kids went with Grandma. The wife and I went to a former student's wedding. Had a liitle bit of a break, just us, before the reception. Picked the kids ups, and had some real challenging discussion before agreeing to postpone a decision and head to bed. Not bad for a sabbath.

Everything seems very emotioally charged right now. I'm feeling fairly overwhelmed. My head has been spinning, but not so much since I took a nap. I'm looking for God'g grace in the storm and I'm thankful for his continued provision and protection. I know what's happening is bigger than me and there's actually great comfort and rest in knowing that.

I can't believe my boy is five! I can't believe it's December! I can't believe all this is happening! There's just 28 days till the cat's officially out of the bag.

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