Sunday, November 4, 2007

Rivers of Grace

I am not a super creative person. Witty? Yes. Intelligent? I think so. Good at Communicating? Better than most. But not super creative. I am surrounded by and always intrigued by those who create music, capture ideas with photography, and those who design stuff. If you were to talk about spiritual gift envy, well mine would be the creative arts. Recently a new song has been meaningful to me. I thought it was a hot new song only to find out it's on a cd I've owned and listened to for seven years. It's called "Tide Wash over Me"

Chorus 1
I lift my hands up high
I send my praise to the Son
And my voice will sing it loud
(Wash over me)
Verse 1
As I cry out in the night
All my anger all my pride
Seems to wash away
In the strength of Your beating tide
Verse 2
Who could ever show
Mercy to me
Who can quiet an angry sea
It is Christ the King
Holy One who's saving me
Verse 3
I'm in trouble Lord once again
Slowly sinking in all this sin
All I need is Your strength
Flowing through me once again
Misc 1(BRIDGE)
Life with it's heartache
And all the frustration it brings
Get drowned in the light of my singing
And praising Your holy name
Cause all that I want
Is to see Your face
Praise Your name forevermore

My question is...Does this happen to creative people? Do you ever "miss", I mean totally not notice a song for like seven years, and then one day it hits you like a ton of bricks? Just wondering.

For those praying types...

Pray for Cold Water Church?
( I'm not sure that's the name) -
Pray that it will be a place where God
makes Rivers of Grace in the desert

Pray for my current home church - Provision and Plenty
With out sounding like a word faith guy, these words keep being spoken in a prophetic sense.

Pray for Pastor Raj, My friend Patrick, and JDF (JDF, If you're reading this, I'm very excited for you)

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JDF said...

Thanks Toph, we're excited too. I can hardly believe it's happening, but I'm excited that it is. I haven't had much time for blogging as things have gotten extremely busy with only 6 weeks left on the west coast. The next time I am in Mo we need to get together.

I'm excited for you too.