Thursday, November 8, 2007

National Adoption Month

This month is National Adoption Month. I want to throw my voice into the mix as saying Christians should be all about adoption. Legal adoption, Spiritual adoption, adopting churches, adopting a piece of the freeway, I want to be about all of it. My wife and I have this pattern of new life set up in our story. Married in 2000. Kid #1 in 2002. Kid #2 in 2004. Kid #3 in 2006. A different kind of birth in 2008 (wink, wink). So adoption may be a way's off for us, and it'll probably be on an even year. Right now we try to be Father and Mother to a few select young people God has brought into our life. Fathers and Mothers, that's what our world needs more of. That's what the church needs more of. Interesting random thoughts. Here's a few voices that have inspired me in this area:

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rev rock said...

Thanks for the love. I'm glad adoption is part of your heart as well!