Sunday, October 21, 2007

Sabbath... day six

Okay so yesterday was the sixth day of our vacation. It was also Saturday. So here's the update. We found ourselves back in the IE so I could attend a very important meeting with my s.p. and his advisory board. Yes, that was as exciting as it sounds. Went from my meeting to catch the end of my boy's game. He won the game ball for making an outstanding fielding play. The kid still won't hit. Came home and spent some time catching up on the blog world. Took a nap. And then headed to the OC to visit the in- laws. My brother in-law is trying desperately to pass third year high school french so he needed an audience to serve his homemade french meal to. We had baguettes and cheese, french onion soup, more baguettes with cheese, french style green beans, potatoes au gratin and pork cooked in a white wine and onion bath. For dessert, we had baked apples. The meal was fantastic and it was really cool to be together. I put the kids down early and fell asleep with the baby. Oh yeah, we did a little bit of returns and shopping on the way and made a visit by the new Jack in the Box. Or in keeping in the theme of our day... Jaque in the box. wi. wi. It was fairly restful.

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Elizabeth said...

That sounds exhausting.

We miss you guys!