Sunday, August 19, 2007

It was just too much...

Monday took 26 to the North Strand Beach.
I'm not sure what I hit.
Road damage costs the church five tires.

Getting repairs done on Tuesday was just out of reach.
Even though I got up early.
Doctor Visit
Kids at the lake,
Lightening, but no fires.

Wednesday just started wrong
Oh that nasty meeting
Students went back to school. We had a decent gathering.

Thursday was full of more meetings... too long
No attacks, or outings,
No sand, or water
Just had to find people to help with the caring

Of 26 teens for a Friday overnight
I didn't plan it, but I was for it.
"really critical weekend"
I don't buy it.
Students going to sleep, Hearing God in their Breathing.

Saturday we threw water, (a good kind of fight)
at the grass and each other
balloons and buckets, squirters and hoses
I got wet, stayed cool, No Grieving.

My oldest is recovering
The middle one is trying
The baby is teething
and the wife is just now sleeping.

Today my phone died.
that's the only casuality of this week, too glorified.
I lost all my contacts.
If you want you could call me.
Give me your numer and those kind of facts,

Ask me what's up and how I am doing.
I'm doing too much but I'll still say it's good.
I learned in school it's not nice to be booing.
just some of these things don't seem to matter...
If things were better...
maybe they should
maybe they could
and maybe they would.

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