Friday, August 31, 2007

3 Movies in August

_______ Someone mentioned that I had been posting alot this month. 35 to be exact (counting this one). So much for not blogging so much with everything going on. I am continually encouraged in the midst of some fairly difficult times, and having this outlet has been helpful. Anyway, this last week has actually been a little bit laid back as far as schedule demands. I had a chance to do some video viewing and thought I would share some comments here.

I recently discovered the Netflix "Watch Instantly" Feature and shared these first two films with my kids;

"Land Before Time 10" - Yes that's right 10! Pretty Amazing. Little Foot, Ducky, Cera, Petrie, and Spike are still just as cute and entertaining as they were when I was in Elementary school (the first one came out in '88). I admit it's a little bit annoying but my kids love these and I will confess, I still love to hear Petrie talk.

"Torchlighters: The Jim Elliot Story" - This is the same story as th the feauture length live action "End of the Spear". I've always wondered why they don't call it the Elizabeth Elliot story. Her part always seemed so much more risk taking, scary, and exciting to me. This shorter animated version is just like what your sunday school teacher would have showed you. I was a little concerned about exposing my kids to the violence but it was pretty cheesy. Five misionaries are shown bleeding in the river... My boy asked "Why is he glowing? Yeah dad, what's up with the red light around him?" A little surprised to find it on Netflix, but theres quite a bit of "inspirational" viewing here for instant access.

The next one I did not watch with my kids, and you'll have to wait for the actual DVD for this one...

"Everything's Gone Green" - I'm still not sure if I "get" this one. However, the wife and I both really liked it. The screenplay is by Coupland and it "feels" like one of his books. It was hillarious, not in a rolling on the carpet way, but enough significant chuckles to keep you watching. A little slow, but interesting, and full of beautiful people I'd never heard of. The first video the wife and I both really liked in a long time. You should check it out. As far as it being "unrated" it could be titled "unracy". Nothing naunchy or over the top in this one, only a few f-bombs and some hillarious drug refrences.

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