Friday, July 6, 2007

Sufjan Stephens...

may never make an album for all 50 states but you could help TTSM become an "all american" tradition. I know at least 6 of you are reading this and you never ever comment, but TTSM has touched the hearts of folks in exactly 32 U.S. states and several international territories. If you know someone in one of the yet to discover TTSM states would you please send them a link. This has no real value except as a non-scientific experiment and a way to feed my meager ego. If you do not do this nothing bad well happen to you. But if you do...yeah nothing will happen then either. Here's the list...

Delaware - supposedly the first state
Montana - Bruce? Where are you?
Kansas - I spent my best years there and no one cares
New Mexico - Santa Fe, my old friend...
Wyoming - Does anyone live there?
South Dakota - two poisons or three?
Arkansas - Com'on Razorbacks!
Florida - Home of many amusement parks and mega churches
West Virginia - Who's Slaton?
Kentunky - Is it a roller derby?
New Jersey - Is it really that bad?
Maine - feeling crabby
Vermont - I'll take Ben or Jerry
New Hampshire - He needed the money
Connecticut -Qui transtulit sustinet
Hawaii - AHHHHH Honey moon
Alaska - Why is that guy's face on that airplane?
Nebraska - I almost forgot the Huskers

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Anonymous said...

just doing my bit in lifting your puny ego.