Monday, June 4, 2007

Night of Elegance

I slept for 8 hours last night. I got up, checked my grass, started the Tigger movie for Isaac and went back to bed. This didn't last long, but still, today I feel like a human being again. Sure I have to work on my normal scheduled holy sabbath, but next week... I'll be hang'n with Journeyman listening to the cool sounds of Cobalt Season. I am so excited the church I work at has lasted twenty years. I will be more excited when this silly anniversary celebration is over. Anybody want a free tri tip sandwich? Come celebrate with us on saturday if you're not doing something else.

So last Saturday was, Night of Elegance, our annual prom alternative. This was one of the most frustrating and challenging events I've ever put together. It all started with an extremely unpleasant situation on the reservation line with a dinner theater, which was quickly resolved by a restaurant and catering representative. So I thought. When I called Friday to confirm our reservations they couldn't find us, and then told me the representative we'd been working with no longer worked there, and we had not been scheduled for any tours. WHACK! This only added to the nail biting that started two days before when the nice lady who was going to donate limo service called and said "I'm sorry. It's not going to work out. There's nothing I can do." BOOF! So on Saturday, the actual day of, our photographer got stuck in traffic and the Super Strecthed Excursion, we were paying full price for, couldn't make it. "BAZOOKO!" Do you ever feel like you must be the evil villian in an old Batman show?

I certainly did. Anyway the night came off wonderfully. We ended up having one way transport to the Queen Mary in an H2 Limo (goes against my acute Ford affections) which was really nice and our driver "G" was awesome. All the students looked fantastic and Eric was able to get some fantastic shots which we gave to the students for free. Dinner at Sir Winstons' was awesome and none of us encountered the paranormal aboard the ship (supposedly it's haunted). It was great to hear students ask questions like "Filet mignon...What's that?", or "What's the point of a sorbet palette cleanser?", and "Oops...Did I use the wrong fork?".

This is the nicest place I've ever eaten. Introducing fine dining, and Crem burlee to students is just as fun as when you take them to see snow or the ocean for the first time. Besides the obvious spiritual growth that I hope occurs because of my "job", My favorite thing about what I do is helping students create lifelong memories. After dinner we took a moonlit walk around the boat and headed out in the W.C.A. 15 passenger van. Thanks for the hook-ups Pastor Ben! It was perfect. So we showed up Silicone Valley Style (Limo) and went home Moreno Valley Style (old church van with no radio and a noisy a/c). The van gave us freedom to crash Hunnington Pier and In-N-Out burger before getting home at about 2AM Sunday morning. The pier was very romantic and alot of fun (Ever seen a student catch a fish with his hand while he's wearing a three piece suit?) So Like I said, the night came off wonderfully. Several parents even said thank you and as far as I one got drunk or laid.

A Special thanks to Ben Schoening (if any of you graduated from Vanguard University, he's your new alumni asst. director guy) and Eric Hedman (New Life Photography). these guys made the night both affordable and memorable. If anyone is looking to give away any money please call these guys. If you need VU alumni relations please call Ben and if you need photos please call Eric. To them, as promised, I am eternally grateful.

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