Sunday, June 24, 2007


In honor of 300 visits and 150 unique visitors, TTSM is hosting it's first ever give away.

Here's the dealio... I have two tickets to Six Flags Magic Mountain and one ticket to Hurricane Harbor. Here's the catch, they expire June 3oth, this Saturday. I had been saving them hoping me and my bro could make it before his b-day, but that is not going to happen. My crazy schedule could be your divine blessing. If you can use them... they are yours. Free baby. First comment wins. Who wants them?


Topherspoon said...

Okay, so all of you are just as busy as I am. What a lame contest! The tickets are being given away to a fellow Rancho Belago Youth Pastor. I think he's putting them in thank you cards to his volunteers.

Yezdi said...
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