Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Going Public...

So far so good. This writing for others to see, sharing my thoughts, and having my own "home" on the world wide web has been wonderful. I'm pretty sure I've written nothing yet that would get me fired, endanger my family, or offend my closest friends so... feel free to share or link. It would be an honor.

I know I invited many of my original readers with extreme caution. "Please don't link to me", "TOP SECRET", and "Just for you" were some of the conditional clauses I included when invited others here. And while so far I have largely ignored the critques and criticisms I've recieved; I think it would be nice to have more than one comment on my entire page.

So, with humility and fear (ok fear's the wrong word. maybe this is the wrong place to do this. blog etiquette is so confusing. does anyone even care?), I invite you to share "Things that shouldn't matter..." with your spouses, friends, and co-horts... if you want to. Also feel free to link to my page or to any of my articles.

I've written enough about me (maybe you could leave a comment about me). Insert chuckle, or cute initials, or happy face here...LOL :) HaHa. In all seriousness, Thanks for reading. I'm having a blast.

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Timothy said...

Why no link to contact the author?